• Magazines International ASIA Ltd.(MI)於1993年首創於香港,目標成為亞洲地區最大的雜誌訂購服務公司,滿足全亞洲讀者對知識的需求,為文化產業盡一份心力。TIME時代雜誌
• 挾香港成功經營模式與理念, MI自2003起,陸續在泰國、台灣發展堅強經營團隊,旗下擁有電話行銷、直銷及電子商務部門,員工人數逾數百人。
• MI目前擁有”TIME”香港、泰國暨台灣地區總代理外,同時也代理美國、歐洲及台灣知名雜誌逾20,000種。
• 我們的實力:MI擁有超過50萬名中外文雜誌長期訂戶及會員,橫跨香港、泰國及台灣地區。



Company History

• Magazines International (Asia) Limited established in 1993. Working on the slogan – “Magazine Subscriptions Under One Roof”, the company provides a one-stop magazine subscription service to the general public.
• Magazines International (Asia) Limited is renowned as the best and the largest magazines outsourcing call-center in Hong Kong. It caters to significant increase in business volume and to add meaningful revenue to its publication partners.
• Apart from driving revenue, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty are of the same importance for executing company’s vision and mission. Being the market leader, Magazines International (Asia) Limited has managed to strengthen and reinforce its skills and knowledge in improving profitability, customer loyalty and lifetime value. Over the years, our success has been proven by the following milestone:
• In 2000, the sole agent of Time Inc. Asia (TIME, FORTUNE) in HK
• In 2001, the sole agent of Business Traveller Asia-Pacific in HK
• In 2002, the sole agent of McGraw-Hill (Business Week) in HK
• In 2003, the sole agent of Yazhou Zhoukan in HK
• In 2004, the sole agent of Forbes, Time Express and Time for Students in HK
• In 2005, the sole agent of Harvard Business Review and National Geographic in HK
Magazines International (Asia) Limited ensure the publishers our ability, quality and commitment. Today, we are representing over 20,000 international publications and own more than 200,000 active database in Hong Kong.

Company Structure

After 10 years establishment, Magazines International (Asia) Limited has begun its first geographic expansion in 2003. The first regional branch was set up in Bangkok, Thailand and after 18 months, the second branch was also starting its operation in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is now possessing almost 400 staff members in the region and the offices are supported by state-of-the-art call-center facilities and customer interaction systems.

Hong Kong Headquarter
‧ Consists of 6 major sales teams with over 250 staff members
‧ Supporting teams including Marketing and Business Development, Human Resources and Administration, Accounts and Customer Service

Thailand Branch
‧ Consists of 2 major sales teams with around 50 staff members
‧ Telesales Team is focusing on individual subscribers while Corporate Sales Team is targeting corporate bulk orders
‧ Supporting teams including Administration, Account and Customer Service

Taiwan Branch
‧ Consists of 2 major sales teams with around 30 staff members
‧ Telesales Team is focusing on individual subscribers while Direct Sales Team is targeting counter sales and corporate bulk orders
‧Supporting teams including Administration, Account and Fulfillment Service

• 全球銷售量NO. 1的時事週刊:
• 全球各地擁有最多戰地記者,經常有獨家報導:
• 最全面的综合雜誌:


• TIME wins two 2006 National Magazine Awards for GENERAL EXCELLENCE and BEST SINGLE-TOPIC ISSUE。
• Time is the No. 1 choice among all regional news and business titles (S.E. Asia+Seoul+India) 2006。
• Time is voted the most influential publication (S.E. Asia+Seoul+India) 2006。



廣告是”活的英文”:TIME的廣告收入, 高居世界第一。 企業界投入龐大的廣告經費,其撰文、插圖、文章, 都是上上之選,閱讀TIME內的廣告英語,就是學習「活的英文」」,藉以磨練對英文的 感性與力量。
世界著名的語文學家羅文-邱斯吉(N. Chosky)說:「閱讀高水準編寫的刊物,能讓你的語文能力迅速提昇」而TIME正是一本世界公認,全球第一的高水準刊物,所以現在開始訂閱TIME正是時候。


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